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I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, spent time living in Shanghai, China and Bangkok, Thailand before moving to the Bay Area, California, USA, where I now live. I am currently a graduate student studying Computational Biomaterials Science & Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley - specifically researching polymeric materials. I love science, building cool stuff with code, and have experience working on various computational projects in materials science, biochemistry, robotics and art. I hope to one day build something that will save the world.

In my spare time I am an avid football (soccer) player and fan, I can talk English Premier League and Chelsea Football Club all day. I'm also an aspiring writer so please check out my blog posts below!

Going forwards I hope to do many creative things and go on many adventures, so no matter who you are reading this, if you have any adventure recommendations or want to work on a project together feel free to reach out!

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Feel free to reach out with anything at ivan.jayapurna[at]gmail[dot]com, or via my LinkedIn

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